The Emerging Markets Equity Strategy seeks dynamic growth by concentrating its investments in emerging markets.

All-cap growth portfolios

  • 70-85 holdings
  • Position sizes limited to the to the greater of 5% or the index weight x 1.5
  • Maximum weighting guidelines:
    • Sectors: 0%-40%
    • Countries: limited to the greater of 30% or the index weight +15%

Dynamism factors

  • Leading dynamic indicators influencing individual stocks
  • Earnings dispersion
  • Earnings revisions
  • Analyst upgrades
  • Valuation
  • Earnings growth

Company position factors

  • Market capitalization
  • Competitive position
  • Daily liquidity
  • Index inclusion
  • Volatility
  • Country rating

Manage and adjust

  • Continuous monitoring of investment thesis and expectations
  • Adjust position size based on new data flows and re-ranks of position
  • Expected holding period: 12-24 months
For informational purposes only. Strategy objectives and allocations are subject to change. Please see Investment Disclosures for important information regarding Axiom products and strategies.